Refund Policy

eCommerce Accelerator

Company agrees to provide a full refund to the client under the following terms:

  • Client has paid in full for the services offered by the company (payment plans, or payment arrangements that extend beyond 7 days of commencement are void of the company refund policy) 
  • Client has completed 100% of the Ecommerce Accelerator Training program within 60 days of commencement of the agreement. 
  • If the Shopify store has been built by the company, the client has accepted ownership of the store within 60 days of commencement of the agreement. 
  • Client has attended a minimum of 2 coaching sessions per week.
  • Client has spent $3,000 (three thousand dollars) on Facebook advertising through strategies provided in Ecommerce Accelerator program within a 90 day timeframe.

If the Client has completed the above items and has not generated $10,000 in sales the Company is obligated to provide a full refund.

If any of the above conditions is not met, the Company is under no obligation to provide the Client a refund.  

eCommerce Accelerator Mastermind

The company agrees to buy the Clients store/assets built and developed through the eCommerce Accelerator Mastermind program back from the Client after 12 months of being a Client of the program for "2x the investment paid to the Company" (ie 2x $18,800 = $37,600) under the following conditions: 

  • Client has completed 100% of the eCommerce Accelerator Training program within the first 120 days
  • Client has followed and checked with the company the criteria of product selection and has had their product approved by the Coaching team
  • Client has accepted access of the store that has been built by the Company within 90 days
  • Client has sourced advertising and content using the Companies recommended providers
  • Client has launched advertising using the Companies best practices and policies
  • Client has tracked all marketing and advertising throughout the entire duration of the Mastermind Program using the Companies materials inside of the eCommerce Accelerator Program
  • Client has attended a minimum of 1 coaching call every week for the duration of the Mastermind Program
  • Client has attended a minimum of 2 in person LIVE events within the duration of the Mastermind Program
  • Client has attended every 1-1 coaching call on a monthly basis with their appointed Coach
  • Client has attended every Quarterly business review with the CEO 
  • Client has as best practice followed every directive and list of action items set forward by the Company and the coaches within the Company during the duration of the Mastermind Program
  • Client agrees to resolve any and all issues, challenges by first consulting their coach, second the group/community if needed, lastly the CEO on Quarterly meetings
  • Client agrees to invest into marketing channels, using the strategies advised by the Company
  • Client agrees to invest a minimum of 30% of predicted revenue into marketing to generate expected returns) 

This Mastermind Program runs for 12 months, the results of eCommerce businesses can be unexpected, volatile and change rapidly. Any applications for a "buy back" will be evaluated at the completion of the 12 month agreement, no earlier considerations will be made.

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