How To Start A Profitable eCommerce Brand & Scale To 6-7 Figures

eCommerce Accelerator breaks down how you can create and start your own eCommerce brand from scratch, and scale to a 6-7 figure business like many of our students have and continue to do.

We cover everything from how to pick a niche, launching your brand, all things marketing and even how to scale with paid ads. This is the eCommerce brand building course you’ve been looking for.

accelerator program
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Here's How It Works

eCommerce Accelerator is eCom Capital’s flagship program designed to teach you how to grow and scale a successful online business. Offering a unique tried and tested system that has helped hundreds of individuals go from concept to creation and scale their business to replace their monthly incomes, it creates more time, freedom and money to do more of what you love!

E-Learning Platform

A value-packed, 6 week video course teaching you everything from the fundamentals to the most intricate strategies to grow your eCommerce brand.

Store Development

A complete customised eCommerce store built, developed and designed to your exact specifications. Conversion optimised to sell for your specified niche.

E-Commerce Community

Your results are a product of your environment. The eCommerce Accelerator contains a private community of likeminded entrepreneurs, working together to flourish

Expert Mentorship & Coaching

Behind every great business owner is a great mentor. You will have a team of eCommerce experts, available for live video coaching, to answer any and all questions.

live events

join eCom Capitals community of entrepreneurs 3x every year for live events, workshops, access to industry leading experts and eCommerce entrepreneurs to get you where you want to go, faster.

1-1 Account Management

work 1-1 with your own local eCommerce Account manager who will strategically guide you through the stages of the eCommerce landscape to ensure your success.


Level 1

Beginning or under $30k in sales

The Goal

Successful eCom brand making 6-figures

Course Length

6 Weeks

Course Format

Online/in person

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What Is It?

The eCommerce Accelerator Program is a full eCommerce program from A to Z, teaching entrepreneurs how to scale to 10k per month in 90 days or less, and then shoot for 6 figures or more. It includes a completely bespoke done-for-you store; a 6 week video training; expert coaching and a likeminded community of entrepreneurs.

Who Is It For?

People who want to leave their 9-5 or entrepreneurs who want to generate another additional income stream. People who want to be in control of their income and not be limited by a salary. eCommerce is all done from your laptop. This will allow you to have more income, more flexibility and more freedom (financial and location).

Where Does It Happen?

The business is international. Our head office is located in the Gold Coast Australia, with a diverse team located within Australia and overseas such as USA, UK and Asia. For you? Well, it happens directly from your laptop. You could be on your desk at home, sitting on your balcony, or maybe working whilst on vacation.

How Does It Work?

The system is broken down into simple steps that allow you to start and scale your brand, in as little as 30 days and scale to 10k per month (or more) within 90 days or less. Our team will be there every step of the way, for technical and accountability sessions including live video calls with our team. All the help you need, you will get.

When Does It Start?

It can start right now! After enrolling into the eCommerce accelerator, you will have your onboarding call, and be given access to the 6-week training. Then, you will be guided through the store development process with our development team. Within just 4 weeks, your store will be revised to perfection and ready to launch!

Why Does It Exist?

We were sick and tired of all the fake gurus who were running their business from their garage, or even on the beach with fake photos to try and impress you... We have taken the guesswork out of eCommerce. It's easier than you might think... as long as you follow the right strategies, and the eCommerce Accelerator teaches just that.

Battle Tested And Proven Results

We don't provide you with certificates, degrees, credentials, badges or attendance awards. We provide you with real business results: Customers, growth, profit, self-improvement and success.


Active Students


Revenue earned by Students


Millionaire Students

Our customers say Excellent

4.9 Stars from 1000+ customer reviews

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eCommerce Accelerator Course content

In just 6-weeks, we’ll help you scale your eCommerce brand and turn it into a machine, here’s how.

WEEK ONE voyage of discovery

6 Modules


WEEK two Alchemy of Product Creation

6 Modules


WEEK three Preparing For Battle (Ready, Fire, Aim)

5 Modules


WEEK four Science of Customer Attraction

9 Modules


WEEK five Operational Excellence

4 Modules


WEEK six Secrets of 7-Figure Scale

9 Modules


Learn The Way That Best Suits You

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats, video training, written training, 1-on-1 live coaching, community interaction and more!

accelerator program

Online e-learning platform

Lifetime access to a 6-week training course, comprised of more than 30 hours of detailed rich eCommerce content, ahead of the curve with constant updates as the industry changes and progresses. Includes workbooks for individual video modules so you can go through click by click and step-by-step. See the above sections for a detailed course breakdown.

Interactive entrepreneur community

Lifetime access to our private eCommerce community, where you can network with and interact with other likeminded eCommerce entrepreneurs. Also interact with our coaches and eCommerce experts in real-time and get feedback from the community.

interactive community
live Q&A calls

Expert mentorship on demand

Our expert eCommerce coaches will be there to support you with whatever you need. They have experience in all aspects of eCommerce, whether its niche and product selection, manufacturing, logistics, operations and marketing, we have got you covered. This includes weekly live sessions where you can share your screen and have as much help as you need.

Here’s A Summary Of Everything You Get

This is not your typical “course”. We provide you with everything you need to be successful

eCom Capital program

4.9 Stars from 1000+ customer reviews

Complete Store Development
Expert Coaches and Community
Identify a niche & market problem
Create a powerful physical product solution
Market & sell it succesfully
Generate 10k/m in 90 days and +100k/m in 12 months

Let’s Get Started!

Join thousands of eCommerce brand builders todays and enroll in the eCommerce Accelerator program!

For beginners

Starter Program

Lifetime chat and email support
6-Week all-you need eCommerce video training program
Recordings of all eCommerce Q&A sessions
Private eCom Capital eCommerce community
Invitation to exclusive eCommerce Mastermind events

For serious enthusiasts

Nurture Program

Lifetime chat and email support
6-Week all-you need eCommerce video training program
Recordings of all eCommerce Q&A sessions
Private eCom Capital eCommerce community
Invitation to exclusive eCommerce Mastermind events
6 Months of coaching support
8X Live calls with eCommerce experts each week
Access to 1-1 niche validation & product validation calls
Partner access to suppliers, vendors and retailers

Best Value

When only the best will do

mastermind Program

Lifetime chat and email support
6-Week all-you need eCommerce video training program
Recordings of all eCommerce Q&A sessions
Private eCom Capital eCommerce community
Invitation to exclusive eCommerce Mastermind events
8X Live calls with eCommerce experts each week
12 Months of coaching support
12 Months support with your own dedicated local account manager
Daily morning accountability calls
1:1 Meeting with Senior Ecommerce Strategist, 1 every quarter
Executive level partner access to vendors, suppliers and partners
Logo and brand creation
Bespoke store development to your preferred niche
Store designed by conversion rate optimisation experts
Bespoke launch protocol laid out for you
Private Mastermind-only guest speakers


Towering skyscrapers against a cloudy sky in monochrome.

Here's what our clients have to say...

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