Helping Accredited Investors Get Consistent, Unrivalled Returns In The eCommerce Market

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About our fractional store ownership

At eCom Capital, we are committed to providing investors access to diversification of their portfolio through the access to eCommerce businesses & brands that are “fast growth” as well as cash flow positive.

By being able to become a fractional store owner for the duration of the growth & exit of one of eCom Capitals brands, you gain upside on quarterly dividends, as well as the upside on the exit of the brand in the typical 2-4 year timeline.

Diversify your portfolio with exposure to the eCommerce market
High quality brands, that are bought and built for sustainability & longevity
Managed and run by the team at eCom Capital
Gain exposure to multiple upside on fast growth assets
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Why Invest with eCom Capital

Cash Flow

Passive cash flow each quarter, increasing with the scale of the eCommerce stores

Capital Growth

Your capital will grow as the businesses EV (enterprise value) grows

Simple Setup

The setup process is simple and hassle free. Can be complete in a matter of days.

Unprecedented Yields

Enjoy market leading returns, higher than traditionally found in stocks and bonds.


Stabilize your investment strategy with a multi-faceted eCommerce approach

Tangible Assets

Buy into a real asset, with real physical products which holds a real market value

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