Meet eCom Capital

eCommerce Growth Consultants
based in Australia

Meet Ecom Capital

Ecommerce Growth Consultance
based in Australia

Why eCom Capital Exists

From Humble Beginnings

In the middle of August 2020, eCom Capital was founded by Sasha Karabut & Fletcher Ladd in the heart of Gold Coast, Australia.

The two founders had personally experienced massive frustrations by not being able to have the right resources, information, applications as well as relevant market experience to launch and grow their eCommerce brands. 

Portrait of Sacha
Sacha speaking at conference

Drawing a Line in the Sand

They drew a line in the sand and decided to solve the problem themselves. 
Both experienced entrepreneurs in their own right, Fletcher running multi million dollar eCommerce brands and Sasha operating two successful start-ups himself.

The two founders joined forces with a vision to create an organization that would help eCommerce founders grow and succeed with the right resources, knowledge and information.

Australian city

The Richest Information from the Source

The two founders noticed that there is a lot of outdated information online on how to start or grow an eCommerce business, which only worked 5 years ago... but not today. The modern consumer is smarter, they want quality products, excellent customer service and top quality experiences when they shop online today.

So, Sasha and Fletcher opened an office in Broad Beach, Australia and hired top eCommerce talent to help eCommerce founders start and grow.

eCom Capital Platform

The Flagship eCommerce Accelerator

They next spent years developing the flagship eCommerce Accelerator program which teaches brand builders how to grow their brand new stores from scratch in today's economy and now has over 1300 students internationally. 

eCom Capital now helps brand builders across all avenues of their journey from starting a brand, growing a brand even buying existing brands and offering accredited investors unparalled returns.

Sacha presenting

The Growth Consulting Division

Very well known, established brands started coming to eCom Capital, asking them to consult on and manage the growth of their brands.

They developed a process to rapidly help brands 2X, 5X, even 10X their current revenue in as little as 90-180 days.

This service expanded over time, and is now formally known as the Growth Consulting division of the firm, where they help existing, established eCommerce brands scale their business to new heights.

eCom Capital headquarters

Incorporation of the eCommerce Fund

In 2022, eCom Capital released their asset management arm, where they partner with investors to give them unparalleled returns so they can get a piece of the eCommerce market.

They source the best private equity deals on the market and use their network to partner with the operators. From here, they scale the brands to the moon giving accredited investors a fixed return on their investment, plus a percentage of the excess profits.

eCom Capital Team

The Future for eCom Capital

The future for eCom Capital looks bright. With a young and vibrant team full of innovation and creativity.

The consistent betterment of our offerings, continued acquisitions and purchases of incredibly exciting and profitable eCommerce brands to add to our internal portfolios and the broadening horizon of what is possible within the electronic commerce landscape.
The possibilities are endless. 


Meet the captain of eComCapital.

CEO & Co-Founder

Meet the Team

Meet the team that makes your dream come true.

Shannon Rees
Client success
Therese Cassar
Executive Assistant
Tony Thomas
UX/UI Developer
Sebastian Strzelecki
Project Manager

Where is eCom Capital now?

eCom Capital is currently on the precipice of a massive surge in growth, over the past 12 months the team at eCom Capital have rebuilt and refined the infrastructures and systems that support our prized Start, Grow and Invest divisions. We are now in a position to realize the fullest potential of the 5+ trillion dollar market and provide learnings, growth and returns to all parties who are involved.

Today, We Have 50+ Team Members Around The World — Supporting And Coaching Thousands Of eCommerce Entrepreneurs To Success Every Single Day.

eCom Capital TeameCom Capital Team

eCom Capital Culture & Values

Below are eCom Capital's core elements dictating internal culture and values.


Integrity with all you do. Say what you do, and do what you say. Be proactive, forward thinking and and take massive initiative.

Thinking Big

Thinking big is a self-fulfilling prophecy in itself. Leaders who create and communicate a bold direction that inspires results.


Leave everyone in a better place than you found them. Honest, diligent and efficient communication.

Maximum Transparency

Provide and receive respect with every person you are in contact with. Nothing exceptional ever came from inside comfort zones. 

Personal Development

Never settle. Remain grateful of what you have done but dissatisfied with where you are. Rigorous standards and growth


Have fun in all you do. Find happiness in growth & challenge and you will never stop having fun.

Work at eCom Capital

Would you like to build a Career in the eCommerce market If so, we'd love to interview you! Check out our available positions right now!

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eCom Capital in the news

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