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Jeff Baldwin

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Why do you want to invest in

a semi-automated eCommerce business?

I want financial freedom

I want to offer more to my family

I want more time in my day

I want my dream eCommerce business


How much money do you have access to in order

to get a done for you eCommerce business?


or less








Did you watch the video in full before

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How willing and able are you to invest in the

growth of your eCommerce business?

I have the financial resources to invest in a
eCommerce business right now

I have access
to the financial resources to invest in an eCommerce
right now

Broke - I have
no access to funds to start my eCommerce business

How much income are you currently making
per month?

Why are you interested in us building you an
eCommerce business?

What are the biggest doubts you currently have about this
working for you?

How much do you want to make
per month?

What makes you different from other applicants,
why should we work with you?

If accepted how soon can
you get started?

I like wasting peoples time.

you have my word, I
will answer.

Do you understand that this done for you service has an
investment price, and this is in no way a get-rich-quick scheme?



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